So what is Marine Mama Wellness all about?

I am so excited to begin this journey of breaking off the shame, living as my authentic self, and hopefully helping others find strength and humor in the chaos that can come with parenting in general, let alone with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

My first blog tells quite a bit about me, why I decided to start this  website, and sets the tone for the path I have chosen to take in telling my story. I am generally known as a peppy person, but those closest to me know I have a dark side. I plan to embrace those moments, validate those feelings, and share them with you in a very real way. I want to do this because too often these emotions and moments are brushed over or ignored because they are “uncomfortable” and that can be difficult. This causes feelings of isolation, loneliness, and really just doesn’t help anything or anyone. I say they are a part of you, making those emotions important. So bear with me through the dark stuff as I hope someone out there will find some solidarity.

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a message!

Whelp…**BIG GULP**…I’m jumping in! Let’s do this!