When Life Just…Happens

Back in February, all on one day, the engine in my vehicle began to make noise upon acceleration and when I arrived at work after praying my way there, I was laid off. Talk about the start to a very bad day! While I was able to find a new, better paying job rather quickly […]

A Preliminary Response to the “Marines United” Scandal

(Mike Keefe, Cagle Cartoons) Many of you have probably heard of the terrible scandal ripping through the Marine Corps right now. I have been writing a post that may end up published as several entries, just trying to gather my thoughts on this whole issue, about which I understandably have very strong feelings. Give me […]

“This is why we can’t have nice things…”

Whelp, it happened. After constantly telling my daughter to not touch my computer, she broke it. I opened it up one day to begin writing and the screen was SHATTERED. It was one of  those moments where you have no words. You only manage to shout their name, then sit there, numb in disbelief, looking […]

The Trigger Word

Trauma experiences are very real and the symptoms stemming from these events are nothing to make fun of; however, the word “trigger” has lately been mocked in the media and via many social forums . To those that have experienced horrific events and do in fact have real triggers, this only adds to the stigma […]