When Life Just…Happens

Back in February, all on one day, the engine in my vehicle began to make noise upon acceleration and when I arrived at work after praying my way there, I was laid off. Talk about the start to a very bad day! While I was able to find a new, better paying job rather quickly […]

A Preliminary Response to the “Marines United” Scandal

(Mike Keefe, Cagle Cartoons) Many of you have probably heard of the terrible scandal ripping through the Marine Corps right now. I have been writing a post that may end up published as several entries, just trying to gather my thoughts on this whole issue, about which I understandably have very strong feelings. Give me […]

“This is why we can’t have nice things…”

Whelp, it happened. After constantly telling my daughter to not touch my computer, she broke it. I opened it up one day to begin writing and the screen was SHATTERED. It was one of Β those moments where you have no words. You only manage to shout their name, then sit there, numb in disbelief, looking […]

The Trigger Word

Trauma experiences are very real and the symptoms stemming from these events are nothing to make fun of; however, the word “trigger” has lately been mocked in the media and via many social forums . To those that have experienced horrific events and do in fact have real triggers, this only adds to the stigma […]