Getting Back Into a Fitness Regimen

Whew! What a crazy time the last week has been! I finally made it to the gym 3 times and worked out in my living room twice, something that…well…I don’t know the last time that has happened to be honest. I suspect many of you don’t recall the last time you were really consistent in a fitness regimen either. But that’s okay! The important thing is to get started, to go all in.

One tip I have is to set a goal. I signed up for my 5th half marathon on Saturday, one of my favorite races in my home state, so I am working on getting back into running and lifting to reach my goal of setting a personal record (PR) in May. I have added weight training because I have a hard time with my back and hips. I have a physical therapist (also a runner) who highly encouraged me to take up weights and suggested several movements to help with my particular issues. (I want to note that if you do have any issues, you should consult with a professional before starting any regimen.)

I also suggest a lot of water. Like, way more than you are probably drinking now. I have a very difficult time keeping hydrated under normal day-to-day circumstances, so I may be slightly hypocritical, but shoot, everyone knows it is really good for you when you are looking to get into better shape and increase your fitness. So drink more of it! I try to have a bottle of some sort near me to make it way easy to increase my intake. If you can make it almost mindless, it will be so much easier. And I’m all about convenience!

Speaking of convenient, anyone that knows me very well will tell you I would like to cook and kind of can, but I have very little confidence in my cooking abilities. So when I find something that is just too easy to make, is healthy, and tastes amazing I get really excited. Well this week I discovered these spice black bean burgers from MorningStar Farms. Seriously, where have these been all my life?! They boast 10 grams of protein per patty and at only 110 calories each, I totally smash 2 with a slice of pepper jack cheese on each. Boom, over 20 grams of protein, done. When you consider a lot of women have a difficult time getting all of their protein in on a normal basis let alone when you consider nutritional needs once you factor in an increased activity level, this is a big win. And it only takes about a minute to cook in my microwave. So try them! Definitely a new staple in my freezer.

So how can we stay consistent in our work outs? Make it easy, make it convenient (I will watch a video on YouTube if necessary and work out in my apartment when I can’t get my butt down to the gym), and find someone to help keep you accountable. This blog is really helping me as are some friends I talk to on a regular basis. Do what works for you. If it’s not working, try something else. Keep going until you find something you can manage and enjoy. Just don’t give up!

And don’t forget to celebrate small accomplishments. I can not stress this enough. Did you drink a lot of water today? That’s a win! Make it to the gym or complete a video? That’s awesome! We all start  somewhere, but the important thing is to START!

So what is it you are going to start doing to improve your fitness?


Stay Strong & Be Fierce! (Thanks Old Navy for one of my favorite tanks!)


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