I’m Ready For You, 2017!

I’m fairly certain everyone agrees that 2016 had some really crappy moments. Between jokes, public commentary, and the ever popular generation of memes expressing disdain, the year became infamous for the loss of many iconic legends such as Prince, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Carrie Fisher as well as the terrible flooding and loss in the South. There sure seemed to be a lot of dreadful events to focus on as the recurring theme of the year.


Yet despite the negative, I’m sure everyone could list something positive that happened if they pause to think about it. On a larger scale, the US Women’s Gymnastics Team took gold in the Rio Olympics and The Chicago Cubs won the World Series after a barren 108 years, a remarkable feat to Cubs fans and non-fans alike.

I certainly did not escape 2016 without some hardship and struggles. For instance, I was laid off in June and was really shaken up at first. Understandable (good ole budget cuts), but discombobulating to say the least.

Yet from the negative came some positive things as well, especially opportunities to do things I never would have thought possible or have been able to do before the layoff. Through the trails and tribulations came inspiration and perspective.

I had always thought I would EVENTUALLY get around to doing something to help women Veterans and service members, although I wasn’t exactly sure what or how that was going to happen. Through a rather serendipitous turn of events, I realized I could use my voice right away. Sure, I want to continue my education, but I really do not need to wait until some acceptable “right time” or official starting line. It all seemed like more of an excuse than a legitimate reason.

Time is not to be wasted and with the communication pathway of the internet, I decided to start this blog and website, posting where and when I am able, putting myself out there. I really embraced the whole “there’s no time like the present” mantra.

I have always been more of a planner, making a spreadsheet of my classes, assignments, and grades throughout college or mapping out vacations and road trips. I have even been known to make a binder with different options for hotels near our destinations, info for gas stations and stops along the way, and attractions, looking up deals and coupons to save money wherever possible. Letting go of that, trying to be more spontaneous and not obsess over details so much has been a bit liberating for me. Sure, there are things I still need to plan…I am a mother, after all…but it isn’t always necessary and good things can come from being a bit carefree now and then. I learned this life lesson in 2016 and I’m thankful for it.

While the year had its pitfalls, to be sure, there is always a silver lining if you look hard enough. I feel like I found mine.

So here we sit at the beginning of 2017, with all of its potential before us. Anything could happen, but it’s up to YOU to do your best with whatever life throws your way. Something that seems bad at first could just end up becoming one of your biggest blessings.


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